Broken Jackhammer

After morning romp with he dogs I was planning on coming back home and going back to bed.

I got me some mangoes in the fort and made some some frozen mango banana yogurt juice, a cup of coffee and filled my big mug with ice water and sat down to do a little Facebook pictures then to sleep again.

Fortaleza Ozama this morning.

Fortaleza Ozama this morning.

My sickness has been making me so sleepy sometimes and now my back is unhappy after bathing Teli and Buena yesterday (they found a nice ripe dead fish to roll in). My back is always sore after giving them a bath. Trying to squish them into my tiny shower is never easy but it must be done especially when they have fish guts and scales clinging to their fur.

Yesterday the electricity went out at 9AM and came back around 5ish. It was so hot without a fan all I did was read and doze off here and there trying to catch up on the sleep. But it seems that today I am still tired and now sore so I wanted to sleep again.

It is a long weekend holiday (labor day) here so I figured it would be quiet.


They decided to jack hammer in the street to replace the broken safety poles. So far 2 hours of RRRRR….RAATTATTATT….RRRRR..The rrr is the generator used to run the cement breaker and the rattat is the jack hammer itself.

THEN!!… quiet…

The hammer got stuck! There was silence. Sweet, beautiful silence.

Stuck jack hammer

Stuck jack hammer

The man is trying to dig it out with a trowel. I hope it takes forever to get it free. The money changer is eating a nice sweet Zapote and I, am done. I am heading to the bed where the clean dogs, Inteliperra and Buenagente are already sleeping.

See you all, or as they say in Pittsburgh, See yinz, later.

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