A Dove Visited My Apartment

This Easter Sunday morning I took the dogs out for their morning romp as usual. Buenagente spent the night with Teli and me. We walked around collecting the other dog friends so they could all play.

Dogs playing at Plazoleta Padre Billini

Dogs playing at Plazoleta Padre Billini


We ended up going down to Playita Montecinos which we do not visit like we used to. Since I have all these dogs with me I hate to teach them to cross the dangerous Malecon so we just do not go. But today there are hardly any cars in the streets so I took the kids down there to play.

The translucent full moon was still in the morning sky, looking so beautiful on this Easter Sunday.

Translucent moon over Santo Domingo on Easter Sunday.

Translucent moon over Santo Domingo on Easter Sunday.

After the kids had their romp we came back to the Zone. They were not quite ready to head home so they took a little stroll down El Callejón de los Curas where they played under the cascading flowers. I watched the dogs and as always they make me smile just seeing them enjoying life, playing and having fun without a care in the world.

Teli, Zippy and Julio playing in El Callejón de los Curas

Teli, Zippy and Julio playing in El Callejón de los Curas

I notice 2 doves in the plaza. I always see pigeons, they are abundant here in the Colonial Zone, but I very rarely see a dove.

I started thinking about some interesting dove facts I could recall. I remembered that they mate for life and they are a symbol of peace. It struck me as very interesting that I spotted doves on this Resurrection Sunday because in the Christian tradition the dove is a representation of Christ and also a symbol of divinity. It is also a symbol for the mother of Christ, The Virgin Mary. What a perfect thing to see on this quiet Easter morning.

The dogs were running out of energy so I collected them up and went home.

I got Inteliperra fed. Buenagente did not want to come inside so I put food on the stairs for him and the street dogs Zippy and Julio. I got my breakfast, some yogurt, ice and a banana in the blender and a mug of good strong coffee and sat down to the computer to do a little work.

I just opened the email and I heard a rustling at the venetian window blinds that cover my windows (there is no glass or screens, only these blinds). Many times a pigeon will sit on the window but this bird flew right inside.

It was not a pigeon.

It was a dove.

A small grey dove with some dark spots on its wings. It was a young bird. It flew in the window and just sat there, on the edge of the blind, looking at me.

The dove did not act afraid. It did not look like it was dazed or confused. It just sat there looking straight at me while I was sitting in my chair at the computer.

I reached for the camera as if in some king of daze as it flew across to the other side of the room. It sat on the opposite window, looked back at me once more, then just flew outside. All this before I could get the camera turned on. It was gone. It was inside for about 1 minute and it was gone leaving me transfixed.

When that dove flew into my window it was such a strange thing. I had a feeling of awe, a little bit of shock, but mostly a calming awe.

I had the feeling that when that bird looked at me it saw something. Then it was gone.

In one window, out the other.

It left me with tears running down my cheeks and not knowing why there were tears. It left me with a sense of wonderment and calm astonishment.

I read – It is said that if a dove flies into your life, you are being asked to go within and release your emotional disharmony. The dove helps us to rid the trauma stored deep within our memory. Doves carry the energy of promise. When inner conflicts are banished from our thoughts, words and feelings, goodness awaits.

Wow..is all I can say.

Happy Easter to all. I hope you have your very own dove visit you on this day of hope and resurrection.


These are the other interesting symbols and legends of doves that I found:

*A dove is a symbol of patience and tenderness as in love. Also its cry brings comfort and reassurance.

*Some cultures believe a dove carries the souls of the deceased to heaven.

*Gypsy folklore believes that Doves are soft and subtle messengers bringing messages of love from the spirit world.

*The doves cry was a mourning cry indicating that a soul was passing from the earth in peace. It represents a soul’s release from its earth-bound duty.

*The dove represents deep peace and tranquility. It soothes and quiets our worried or troubled thoughts and gives us the ability to find renewal in the silence.

*The Native American tribe of Pueblo people thought the dove cry brought rain.

*A dove is able to move between sky and earth representing the balance between thought (air) and matter (earth).

*The dove is a spirit messenger to give us an inner peace that helps us to go about our lives calmly and with purpose.



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