Rooster Rescue

I have written before how much Dominicans love their roosters. They are sometimes as much a part of the family as their children. Here in DR Cock Fighting is still a widely accepted sport.

There was an animal protection law passed last year and the only way they could get it passed was to make an exception to permit rooster fighting. We cannot hurt a dog or any other animal but it is legal to fight chickens to the death. I do not agree with this but it is part of the culture here and in many other countries. Well, back to my story.

As usual my live is mainly occupied with the dogs in the Colonial Zone area. Teli and Buenagente are the main kids who I lovingly call “The Guardians of the Zone”. They have their own blog, The Dominican Dog Blog, and their own facebook page with the same name, Dominican Dog Blog.

The other dogs that most frequently join in our pack are Zippy, Beza, Julio. Here is a picture of them playing together in a sand pile a few days ago.

Teli, Buenagente, Zippy, Beza and Julio playing in the sand pile.

Teli, Buenagente, Zippy, Beza and Julio playing in the sand pile.

I keep getting away from my story..back to the rooster..

This early morning the kids and I were walking down Calle Isabel la Católica where they are still doing the remodeling of the Colonial Zone. Passing the parking lot of the Hodelpa Hotel the metal bar road block was down. There is a sign that reads “Parqueo exclusivo para clientes” / “Parking exclusively for clients” on the gate. There, parked in the lot, was a rooster. He was just hanging out not bothering anyone. He had a string attached to his leg with a small stone tied to the end or the string to keep the bird from taking flight, a normal sight here in DR.

I thought it was too funny that the rooster was parked in the lot for clients only as if he was a client. I had to take a picture.

As I got the camera out the dogs saw the rooster too. Beza, a Fox Terrier Mix, a breed known for killing small animals and rodents, went for the rooster that still had the rock dangling from its skinny little chicken leg.

Rooster in the hotel parking lot.

Rooster in the hotel parking lot.

The rooster Jumped and squawked in fright, baagggaahhhkkk. He ran. Beza ran. Teli and Buenagente came running. I ran. We all ran. Me chasing after all of them.

The dogs were trying to attack the rooster and I was trying to save the poor thing before it got caught or had a heart attack.

I would bend down to get the frightened rooster then a dog would get there right as I bent down, then the rooster would run, then I had to run to the next spot where the bird stopped and stoop (I am not a fast stooper because of my very unhappy back) to get it while the dogs were in hot pursuit. The rooster clucking, me stooping every few steps. The bird fluttering his feathers in my face. Dogs running and barking acting all brave until the rooster jumps and tries to take flight then they back up all the while barking crazily (chicken

I am sure we looked very comical to my friend Miguel and his wife as they came out of their balcony to see what all the ruckus was. The rooster was clucking loudly with wings flapping, dogs barking and running and me running behind stooped over with my arms out in front ready to scoop up the frightened rooster yelling “NO” to the dogs while laughing at the situation.

I finally caught the rooster. I got him nestled in my arm against my body while the dogs gathered around me trying to figure out how to access the poor bird.

Now what was I going to do with him?

I could not let him loose again with the dogs and cats in the street all waiting to get some fresh meat. I could not take him home. What would I do with a rooster in my little apartment with all the dogs too? Oh yes, I was in a pickle (I would have preferred a pickle, much easier to manage and just as tasty).

Me and the trouble causing rooster

Me and the trouble causing rooster

Thank goodness Miguel’s wife came to the rescue. The rooster belongs to a boy about 15 years old. He went to school around 6AM and his rooster must have got out and he did not know it.

We put the rooster in the stairs of the building where she lives and closed him inside until the boys family woke or until he came home.

Sheww..and all this happened before 6:30AM. I wonder what the rest of the day has in store for me.

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Beach Junk Stories – Ice Cream Party

Today at Playita Montecino there was a party going on. They even asked Teli, The Dominican Dog, to guard to make sure no one came to bother them.

Soccor Boy, Big Blue Fish and Smiling Green Dinosaur had a big pink ice cream cone that they were all partaking of.

They were having a swell time. The Soccer Boy was having so much fun he even lost his sock!

Beach Junk Stories - Ice Cream Party

Beach Junk Stories – Ice Cream Party

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Early Morning Smiles

I woke early like I usually do but I have had a cold the last 3 days and early just has not been happening. I sat down at the puter with my coffee to do some work. Waiting until at least 5:30 to take Teli out.

Teli wants to go out now. She keeps going to look out the window then to the front door looking for her friends. She was quiet for a few minutes and I turned to see what she was doing on the sofa.

She has a little booboo on her leg that she keeps licking and I am trying to stop her from doing that so I figured she was taking a sneak lick while I was not paying attention.

This is what I saw.

Teli smiling at me at 4:30AM

Teli smiling at me at 4:30AM

And now for the close-up.

Close up of Teli smiling at me

Close up of Teli smiling at me

I love my Teli. Isn’t she just way too cute?!

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Diary 1-5-1972

I was just checking my old diary to see what happened on this day when I was 13 years old.

Here it is.
*The Osmond Brothers were on TV the day before. That was such a big deal i had to write it in my diary.
*I got locked out of the house. I wonder if I ever found a way to get in or did I have to wait for my mom to get home from work.
*I got paddled. No idea what for but it did seem to happen often. My poor aching

Janette Keys diary 1-4-1972

Janette Keys diary 1-4-1972

Janette Keys diaary 1-5-1972

Janette Keys diary 1-5-1972

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Salon Dousing

They are still working on the street in front of my apartment for the
Renovada Ciudad Colonial project. They are tearing up the bricks on the first part of the street they started working on over a year ago. The bricks were inferior so they are taking them away and adding new and improved bricks.

When will this work ever end?

Renovada Ciudad Colonial Calle Isabel la Católica and Padre Billini. Redoing the brick work.

Renovada Ciudad Colonial Calle Isabel la Católica and Padre Billini. Redoing the brick work.

They started using the incredibly annoying, obnoxious, loud, brain wrenching jack hammer early in the morning. I could not take the noise any longer so decided to go to the salon and get a much needed hair cut. I go to the Salon on Luperon once and then my neighbors salon the next time. This was the Luperon Salon visits turn.

I do love the hair washing lady there. She really massages the scalp a nice long time. feels sooo good.

My regular girl was not there so I let a different girl do my cut. I was in the chair and she was cutting away. I could tell she was not really familiar with cutting extremely short hair but I let her go. I figure how bad could she mess up? It will grow back in a month or so so no big deal. She did not do too bad, not as good as my normal girl but ok.

Anyhow, she was chopping away at my locks. I was sitting in the chair next to the patio door. All of a sudden there was a loud boom. First thing I thought was a bomb or earthquake. The patio door burst open and water sprayed in!

A water pipe burst.

It was strong enough to push open the door and spray the inside of the salon. Not only did my hair get washed in the salon but I got my jeans and tennis washed as well! My left side was soaked and so was the girl cutting my hair!

I was so thankful she was not cutting next to my ear when it happened. Imaging the consequences if that happened.

Anyhow, I got up and trod through the water puddling on the floor as did the other 3 clients and their beauticians. We moved to some different seats further inside the salon.

The owner and her son started sweeping and mopping. We laughed a bit and settled into the new chairs to continue with our beauty treatments.

The visit was over, wet pants shoes and all. My hair was cut, not my favorite cut but it was good.

Returned home to the jack hammer for a few hours more.

Always something interesting happening here in DR.

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My Diary Oct. 20-26-1969

I was reading my old diary which I do from time to time just to remember.

I got my diary on my birthday when I was 10 years old from my Great Aunt Ester. I will always be grateful for this special gift and the memories it gives me every time I read it.

I highly recommend that every child be given a diary or notebook to save thoughts and life events in. They will be so happy to have these when they get older.

These are my diary entries from October 20 to 26, 1969. I had just turned 10 years old. I will add more from time to time.

A few explanations.
*Funny to check the spelling and what was important to a 10 year old girl.
*Baby Ronnie and Jill are my cousins.
*Maw is my grandmother. I was living with my grandparents during this time.
*My notebook was so cool. It had a big florescent green flower on it. I was styling!
*I usually went to my parents home on the weekends and when there was no school.
*Kelly and Dougie were my Fernway (Cranberry) neighbors. I loved to spy and make up stories and mysteries.

Janette's Diary October 20 - 26, 1969

Janette’s Diary October 20 – 26, 1969

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