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I am Janette Keys. I moved to Dominican Republic from Mars, Pennsylvania November 2001.

I have a son who died when he was 23 years old. He was my baby boy and I will miss him forever.

I brought my dog Sniffy with me to start a new adventure. She died after 3 years here an old happy girl.

It for sure has been an adventure. Ups and downs, good and bad. All in all, I am happy I made the move. I love my new country.

Recently I moved into a new small apartment and got a new dog, Inteliperra. Teli for short.

I run my web site about Colonial Zone and Dominican Republic. I have a news blog, Colonial Zone News. I recently added the newest addition to my blog family, The Dominican Dog Blog, The Life and Times of Teli, The Dominican Dog.

The name Dominican Gringa came from my neighbors. They gave me this name and I like it.

My blog is to let people know of what life, at least my life, is like in this island in the Caribbean. Good and bad, I try to share it all.

Hope you enjoy my stories.


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23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, i am from Dominican republic too , i live in gazcue, i am proud that someone finally decided to show our country, i am trying to do the same with my blog and also with youtube videos, so people can know about the young life here, how we hang out here and how do we have fun, I am also showing some outfits, so people can see how we dress here. I love my country and i hope you continue doing this and we can make the world to know about this magic island. Kisses and hugs from Maria. Any information you can contact me via email.

  2. Hi Janette,

    I live in Lenox, Massachusetts among the Berkshire Hills, and love it. But of late, I’m put off by cold winters. So this year I’m heading to the Dominican Republic for three to six months. I can’t tell you why I picked this country, but now that I have, I’m learning to love it more and more.

    Your blog really helps. Thanks for making the Colonial Zone come alive for me. I expect to arrive sometime mid-January 2015, and would love to buy you a beer and have a chat.



  3. hi love your blog. looking to move to DR any information would be great have a child 7yrs.any area u might suggest. Would love to start a small school also maybe.

  4. It’s interesting to see what people that come from other countries think about the DR, since mostly we hear people from here talk about the US or bigger countries. Makes feel hopeful and proud to know that someone that wasn’t born here can also see the beauty and good in this little island. Keep the good work! 😀

  5. Hello, I hope you are enjoying yourself. I am very interested into moving to the Dominican Republic soon. I need somebody who knows the real deal, has some time in country, and doesn’t know me so they have nothing to gain by giving me some info and maybe become friends down there soon. I am an American Combat Veteran, I have been classified as 100% disabled due to being actually 80% disabled but unable to hold normal employment. I am not wheel chair bound or anything like that. I just don’t have a clue where to start. I am single, turning 40 next week having been divorced. Please if you could give me a hand it would be priceless and an un-repayable gift.

    Best Regards,

    RObert Kent

  6. We have been studying your blog religiously preparing for a trip to SD in a couple of weeks. We are staying in the Zona Colonial at Hodelpa Caribe Colonial. Thanks for all of the information!

  7. omg I have spent the most amazing week here in the colonial zone with my boyfriend- thanks to you!!!! My unintentional tour guide -we have visited a lot of the sights and monuments- restauraunts and even enjoyed the handicrafts fair that took place last weekend in the Ozama Fort. you are truly sensational- we knew our way around the town so well nobody knew we were tourists. We thank you so much for all the work you do- who knows maybe you’ve implanted a seed and we are now considering retiring in this lovely city- muah

  8. Today the first thing I di was to read your blog and it make me feel better keeping my hope to go back to Dr one day ..This week will be Chemo# 2 out of 6 and I hate it…… Please lkeep the good work.

  9. Hi Janette

    I love reading your blog!!!! Loove love it!!!


    My Dominican home helper has encouraged me to consider her country.

    I have lived in Mexico but that was decades ago. As a single woman I have a lot of trepidation. I love the Latin cultures but had some scary experienced with some Mexican men.

    I really need encouragement from a single white femal like yourself. Would love to hear from you.

    Muchissimas gracias por su ‘blog’


  10. DR Gringa!

    A) Thanks for your great site(s)! Very informative.
    B) My wife and I are moving from Bayahibe to Cabarete. We are honestly quite intimidated at navigating the buses from here to Cabarete. My Question: if we hop a gua-gua from La Romana, how do we make sure we can get to the Caribe Tours bus terminal?!

    Have any sharp advice?

  11. I am interested in the Vainilla Blanca. I increased the size of the picture but cannot read the ingredients. Could you help please….and thanks, peggy

    • I do not have any vainilla blanca in my home. I have the dark type. Next time I go out to the store..could be a few weeks..I will try and remember to get the ingredients for you.

  12. Hi Janette,
    I am an American visiting from Baltimore MD and am enjoying your blog. I came across it while searching for organizations in Santo Domingo that help the local animals. I am such a dog lover and animal lover in general it is hard to see the condition of most of the local animals. The horses look starved and so many pregnant dogs. How do you deal with this as an animal lover yourself? Are there organizations? Is there a way to take a dog to the US?

    Thank you:-)

  13. wow i am dominican i feel so proud of you, i would love to meet you, sadly now i live in NY and soon i going moved to belgium just like you new country, new culture to discover

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