3rd Or 4th Floor

This is what just happened. The conversation was just to unbelievable. I thought I was on some prank tv show.

The Colmado guy was yelling Colmado outside on the stairs. I heard the neighbor say it was not for him. Then the neighbor knocked on my door. I opened it to tell the man I did not order anything from the Colmado.

Here is the conversation (I am writing it in English but the conversation was really in Spanish)

Man – “Colmado” (*A Colmado is a convenience type store. Many have delivery services)

Me – “I did not order anything from the Colmado”

Man “You are American”

Me “Yes but I still did not order anything”

Man “But the person was American”

Me “But I did not order anything”

Man (with a duhhh look on his face) “This is the 4th floor”

Me “No. This is the 3rd floor”

Man “No, this is the 4th”

Me “I live here and I am telling you this is the 3rd floor”

Man (he had a complete look of confusion on his face)”So where is the 4th floor?”

Me “It is 1 more floor up”

Man “You mean the 4 floor is not here”

Me “No, it is up those stairs”

Man “But an American called and was on the 4th floor”

Me (shaking my head in utter disbelief as the man stood there with his head tilted like he was trying to figure it all out) “There is an American living on the 4th floor, maybe it was him”

Man “Yes, it was a man that called”

Me (Still not believing how not-smart someone could be) “I am a woman and I did not call the Colmado”

Man (huffing like he was angry he had to go upstairs) pointing “The 4th floor is up there”

Me (As I shut the door “Yes, 1, 2, 3, 4..this is the 3rd floor so the next one must be the 4th”

Schewww…I cannot say any more.

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