Apartment Hunting Again

I have been looking for a decent affordable apartment in Colonial Zone for at least 4 months now. I found a few places in my price range but it seems that people just do not want to rent. I do not get it at all. I call, visit talk to the people and still they do not respond about renting. Go figure.

I don’t have lots of money to rent the place of my dreams but I do need something where I can be comfortable and a bit safe. Where I can have a bit of privacy. My own bathroom. A kitchen. Bedroom and place to set up an area where I can start making my jewelry again if I want. I would also like the internet in my place so I can work when the mood strikes.

I don’t worry much about not having water 24 / 7. I am used to that. I just have a big plastic container where I store water for the evening when the water pressure is not that great.No big deal. I’m used to that.

I do not need an electric back up generator thingy. the electric in the Zone is pretty good and if it does go out it is not that long so its no big deal. I’m used to that also.

So my quest continues to find myself my own home sweet home.

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