Seat of My Jeans – All Gone

Well, heres the story.
Yesterday, same as always, I left the apartment and walked to the office. Took my stroll down Calle el Conde, stopped in Jumbos for a snack, then proceed on with my stroll to work, about 4 blocks.

I walked into the Gift Shop thats in front of the office as usual. Said hi to everyone and headed for the back to get on line. The girl that works here, Melanie, started laughing at me, coming at me like she had a funny story to tell. She turned me around, back side to the guys and Mamita sitting there. Then she told me as everyone was laughing. My jeans wore out and tore the entire length of the back pocket and my bare butt was showing through!

Those poor old jeans finally gave out. But why did they have to do it on my stroll down the Conde filled with Dominicans and tourists alike?? I have no idea how many humans saw my exposed flesh through the gaping hole on my backside. And of course the flesh is really white as my buttox does not get sun so it really stood out I’m sure. Thank goodness there wasn’t any sun out or my poor sun deprived cheek might have gotten a nasty sun burn.

Melanie dot me a scarf from the store and we tied it around my back side, Shakira style. Of course before I made the trek back home to change I had to post it on Facebook for my friends to get a good laugh. Before I went home I had to stop and have a beer with an American friend visiting here and share the story with him. Then I walked home, holding down the back of the scarf so it didn’t blow up in the breeze. I was watching the faces of the people I passed earlier to see if they were checking out my butt. This way I would know who saw my exposed narga.

I am still chuckling about this happening. Its funny but I hope it doesn’t happen again. I’m sure for many years to come before I leave the house I will, without thinking, run my hand up the back of my pants checking to make sure everything is in its place.

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