Views From My Balcony – Grabber’s Necklace Stealing Headache

A helmet wearing motorcycle rider
Heading the wrong way
Down a one way street
This day made a huge mistake
As he looked to pray
On an innocent victim
A sparkling necklace
Caught his treasure seeking eye
He made the grab
Forcefully removing a necklace
From the unsuspecting woman walking by
Much to his amazement
Someone gave him a shove
Down went Mr. Grabber
Onto the black rough pavement
The men in the street
At least 10 to 1
Yells were coming from the mouths of all
The crowd had their way
Grabber had no hope of escape
A few minutes passed
Grabber was out of sight
As the mob of angry humans beat Grabber
The police arrived
It was their turn now
Grabber came into view
Looking much less smug
Then when he started his jewelry thieving quest
The necklace was returned
To the crying woman
The bloodied thief
Was taken
Sandwiched between the two police
On their motorcycle
The police seated in the rear
Holding Grabbers black helmet
Very aggressively and with much force
Was using Grabber’s own helmet
Bashing him in the head
Pounding some sense into the thieves bleeding head
As they passed by
On the way to the police station
We, onlookers from the balcony above
Showed our support and approval
With a rousing applause
A thief was caught
Grabber was taught
That stealing is not good
And that it can be a real headache.

4 thoughts on “Views From My Balcony – Grabber’s Necklace Stealing Headache

  1. >Hola Jan,

    I pray all is well. Just checking in to see how you're doing.

    Great story. I am so glad that he was caught!


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