Guagua trip to Rio Nizao

>I decided to take a guagua (small bus)trip by my self on Sunday. I have only taken a guagua alone to Boca Chica so this was all new for me. I wanted to be around some water (my son Billy Jay died 6 years ago on this day and I like to be near water this day and someplace away from the city) and someone told me about this river so I went. I didn’t know what to expect so I didn’t take any swimming stuff. I wanted to check it out before I committed to carrying a bunch of stuff with me.

I figured out where to get the guagua thanks to a friend that told me about the place. It cost me $70 pesos for the 1 1/2 hour ride (it took so long because of all the stops the guagua made). The ride was uneventful. I did get a bit of sun on my left arm from the window.

I didn’t know where to get off the guagua so I asked the cobrador (the guy at the door of the bus taking the money and helping people off and on) and he said he’d let me know. But when we got to the town on Nizao he jumped off the guagua. There was only about 4 people left on the guagua at this time. A group of 5 guys got on so I asked them where I needed to get off the bus. They said to follow them. The next stop they pointed for me to get off.

They took me to the river and a little colmado to get my first beer. The river was deep and wide. It was wonderful. The water was cool and clean.You could see the Caribbean sea way in the distance. There were lots of people enjoying their Sunday afternoon. Young and old. The Colmado was playing Dominican music and some people were dancing. It was very comfortable and relaxing.

I sat with them and we talked. I was surprised that my Spanish just pored out of my mouth quite easily. My new friends and I talked all day. Drank some rum. Danced a little. Ate some fresh fish (yes, the fish had the heads attached). It was a good day.

At 4 I said I had to leave cause I didn’t want to take a chance of missing the last bus at 5. The bus came about 4:30 and one of my new friends waited for it with me. The new friends told me to call them next time I was coming and they would cook fish for me. They also said there was an inexpensive hotel near by the river if I wanted to come for a few days which for sure I will do that soon.

So now I know how to get to a river to relax for a day. I have been wanting to do that for so long but no one seemed to know how to tell me to take a guagua to a river not far from the capital. Of course, many people here told me that it was dangerous to go alone but yet no one offered to go with me to protect me. I have been many places alone and I never found any place to be what I considered dangerous. If I didn’t feel comfortable I would just leave. No problem.

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  1. >Dear Gringa,

    Words can not express how much I admire your courage. I have visited the "D" as I like to call her, and like you I just hit the big "5-0" and have thought about moving to the "D" to live. Yet I have mixed feelings–as you know Dominicans can be quite a challenge to deal with (to put it diplomatically, smile) and as someone raised in the US I'm used to certain things–good public transit (I live in NY), accesible and "affordable" healthcare, decent housing, etc. So I guees what I'm getting at is: how is it living there? Was your adjustment difficult? Why did you re-locate? Do you work there? If so, what type of work do you do?
    FYI: I visit the North Coast often. I usually stay in the town of Sosua and have fantasized about retiring there…
    Please advise.
    I can be reached at:–my name is Herbert.

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