Catching Up – Sept. 2009

There’s some stuff I needed to write but not really note worthy for an entire blog so here goes.

*Ended up at Colmado Vengaza and a friend joined me for my Sunday walkabout. This was his first time doing a walkabout. We ended up in Villa Consuelo where he played checkers Dominican style. He lost every game cause the rules kept changing but he had a great time. He will join me for more walkabouts for sure.

*The patron saint of the armed forces, San Miguel, was this month. I was going to go but the crowds just were a little too crazy for me to head there alone. I heard all the commotion from the beauty salon as I was getting my hair cut.

*Finally sold my old gold wedding band. Didn’t get very much but it paid for me to go to the salon and get some hair dye and also some grocery shopping. So it was all good. I was just hoping to get enough to head to the beach for an overnighter but that didn’t happen.

*It’s been really hot and humid. Dripping giant sweat balls! One good thing so far this year we haven’t had any real hurricane activity. Does this mean that next year we will get hit big time? Wait and see.

*I still can’t get this Spanish stuff down. I hate it especially in the morning when I leave the house and my brain is in the English mode. When someone tries to talk to me I just give them the daahhh look. Does this mean that the older my brain gets that there will be many more daahh looks? Hope not because I’m turning 50 next month and I’m not happy about this at all.

Can’t think of anything else. Life is nice and calm. Just the way I like it.

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