The Days of Christmas 2011 In My Life

I do not do much for the holidays. I am just not into it any more. So here is a little of what I did do in my own little apartment for Christmas and New Years.

Teli, my dog, and I walked around. I had beer and she had salami or cheese in the Colmado. Sat at the computer worked, played, talked and watched movies. Thats about it. I did pretty much nothing and am sooo content with it. I loved my Holiday time.

Now the video of Teli and I having a good time together. She is such a comedian. She makes me laugh too much.

This is our wonderful Christmas Tree. She is a real beauty. The essence of pine wefted through my home with this baby. LOL!

Trying to get all the lights untangled was a real chore.

Now here is the big one. Taking down the Christmas Tree after the holidays. I was really sweating doing all this work.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year Holiday time. No matter how you celebrate. With friends, family, someone you love or all alone. As long as you enjoy it that is what matters.

Life is soo good! Love and blessings to you all. I hope your year to come is all you hoped for and all you deserve.

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