Through The Shrubbery Spy Team – Episode 1

>Through The Shrubbery Spy Team
Episode 1: Pool Peepers

This spy team known as “Through the Shrubbery” is the work of a dedicated group of humans who came together to make sure they, their loved ones and their clients are safe in their chosen environments. Mainly this involves no action on the team members (the team members are referred to as Joes) parts other than having a keen sense of the obvious and observation skills. They are not for hire, only picking and choosing their caper when they feel the need. The main part of the team consists of Joe-ld, Joe-ie and Joe-et. Please note the names have been changes to protect the identities of this fine group of middle-aged humans. Now that the introductions are over we will proceed with the caper.

Quite late at night a group of human males and females returned from an evening of imbibing. They were laughing and carrying on while on the balcony as many do while visiting this Caribbean country and renting a house in a decent neighborhood. The Shrubbery Team jumped into action with no thought for their own safety. Ready, no matter the hour, to make sure no shenanigans were going on that was not good for the neighborhood.

Finding a way through the bushes to get a closer look. They realized they were vulnerable as both of the team was wearing bright white clothing. A quick change had to be made so they retired to headquarters, lickity split, to get into uniform and outten the lights. Within minutes they were back and ready to romp. Joe-et with her camouflage long dress and bare feet and Joe-ld in black and comfy clonks. Joe-ie stayed back to protect headquarters.

Back through the bushes they went talking in low voices, making their plan of action as they went along.

Getting closer to the perps the experienced spy team got to their knees. Middle aged knee and back pain forgotten in the heat of the pursuit. Crawling along they had to deal with one of the serious problems the spy team has. They have an issue with uncontrollable laughing and giggling. When they get in the thick of a caper this always happens to them. Maybe this is a tension relief thing,they could only guess. They never understood this need to laugh while in pursuit. They are able to get their giggling under control for a few moments but it keeps returning at the most inconvenient times.

Finally they got to the shrubbery blocking them from the view of the neighborhood intruders. They found a peaky hole and proceeded to peek. The perps were tricky indeed. While the team was crawling, making their plans, the perps left pool, two by two, and returned to their balcony disappearing into the abyss of their rental chalet. The Shrubbery Team tried drawing the perps out with their signature cry. Blabah-bla-bglab-blagha-blaga. One must hear this distinct cry to appreciate the fierceness and hair-raising fear it can bring to a non-suspecting stander-byer (this is a special spy team word – one who stands by) when coming from an innocent shrubbery. This is how the spy team got their name, this frightening noise, sometimes presented in stereo, emanating through the shrubbery.

The Joes tried pushing their faces through the shrubbery for a better look at the envents unfolding in the neighboring property all the while making their Blabah-bla-bglab-blagha-blaga sounds. Nothing. The next step was for Joe-ld to hold aside the shrubbery so Joe-et could make a mad dash. Running with all the agility in the body, remember these spies are finely tuned human machines. The plan was to run across the balcony at lightening speed while making the bone chilling blabah noise to rouse the perps from their inner sanctum. The shrubbery holder spy knows that if the one runner is seen all must work together to make sure the others are safe. Be it lifting one load to its feet or dragging one by the arm to safety. The back up plan, if all else fails, RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!

The spy team carefully moved the shrubbery back into place to erase any traces of their presence. Their mission accomplished. With the perps safely behind their closed doors; the team proceeded through the bushes back to headquarters. Not worrying about their aching knees, muddy feet and scratched legs. They had accomplished another successful mission.

Returning to the sanctity of the patio, to a nice cold beer, they reflected on their caper. The good and bad of it so that when the next caper arises they will be ready to face whatever happens without fear and hopefully without giggling uncontrollably throughout their entire mission. Always ready to serve and protect their territory and their loved ones no matter the cost.

The Thorough the Shrubbery Team. They are never where you expect them to be. If you are in Dominican Republic and doing something not quite right and not quite wrong and you hear soft giggling and a frightening, heart stopping Blabah-bla-bglab-blagha-blaga coming from the darkness of an innocent looking shrubbery. This could be the Joes, Joe-ld, Joe-ie, Joe-et and the rest of this elite team watching you!

4 thoughts on “Through The Shrubbery Spy Team – Episode 1

  1. >I never laughed so hard. Those perps and their "ladies of the night" deserved a good blahblahblag! I hope they learned their lesson!

  2. >This post is sort of a private joke between some friends of mine. The spies were just checking on the crazy activities of the people renting the house next door when they brought some "ladies of the evening" to their place. The spies motive was too much rum drinking. LOL!

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