Mysterious Find in the Washer

I decided to do a little laundry today since we had water, electric and the sun was out for a change. I dragged the washer to the patio and commenced washing.

Remember this is not an automatic machine. It washes in one side and when that’s done you have to move the clothes to the other side which is the spinner to extract the water (there is another blog story called “My Dominican Wash Machine Experience” if your interested).

I connected the hose and did the first load. I put the clothes in the spinner and the power went out. I had to hand squeeze all the clothes, a bit of a workout for these old hands. I have noticed that the water doesn’t drain out of the spinner like it should for a really long time so since I couldn’t wash anymore I decided to investigate.

I moved the spinner thingy to the side and peeked in. There was something navy blue way down inside. I tried to reach in and get it but couldn’t so I got my trusty tongs and dived in. Out came this navy blue silky blob. Sort of nasty because who knows how long its been stuck in there. I looked at it, holding it by the tongs as I really didn’t want to touch it.

It ended up that it was a pair on mens underpants. Fill cover briefs, silky navy blue. Now go figure. I don’t wear mens undies. I never washed mens undies in my machine. I hope I don’t know any man that would wear those type of poopoo undies (poopoo undies, that’s a quote from the movie Young Frankenstein which is one of my favs).

Now, how did those interesting undies get into my machine, wedged way down into the drain in the water extractor? If only the machine could talk. It will forever remain a mystery.

Addendum – I was just reminded that I did wash a male friends clothes once but he defiantly did not wear silk undies, especially as big as those ones were.

Will the mysterious silk, poopoo undie, wash machine using man please step forward….

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