Dominican Women and Their Suapes

>Ok, first of all a suape is a mop, just to make that clear.

If you’ve been around any neighborhood in the entire country you will notice that most of the peoples years, the fronts of their homes, and inside is always very clean. Even if the yard is dirt you will find the place swept clean.

I have always felt that Dominicans, especially the women, have a love affair with their brooms and mops. I found this to be all so true a few days ago with my very own eyes.

I was passing my neighbors door and was going to ask her if she needed anything from the store. She was sitting on a plastic chair in front of the TV. She was asleep. In her hand, almost hugging it, was her mop. she fell asleep holding onto her Suape! She was not just holding it, she sort of had it in her embrace, almost like she was hugging it. I didn’t want to disturb her as she looked so comfy so she didn’t get to request anything from the store that day.

Later in the day I told her what I saw. We both had a good laugh at the poor mops expense.

One thought on “Dominican Women and Their Suapes

  1. >I have always said Dominicans are sweeping fools!! I wake up to the sounds of brooms, palm branches or anything they can find to sweep.

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