View From My Baclony – Another Wreck

>Do you ever wonder why there are such things as STOP signs?
Here in Dominican Republic they are called PARE.
You can see them on most streets.
Yet it seems that no one pays much attention to these important life saving pieces of metal.
Friday night, coming home from listening to some Palos music.
Getting ready for a nice nights, or should I say early mornings, sleep.
I heard lots of talking outside on the street.
So I went to take a look.
There was a tow truck, flat bed.
There was a SUV, or as they call them here, Jepeta, upside down.
There was a car where I could only see the back end from above on my balcony.
There were police and people looking on.
Again, as has happened many times before, people did not STOP.
Again, there was a wreck where someone ran into the side of the building where I live.
Again, the ambulance came and took bloodied people to the hospital.
The first time I saw a vehicle hit with such an impact that it turned on its top on the little narrow streets of Colonial Zone.
Check the pictures and remember the moral of the story is:
“Please, please stop at stop signs and take precautions even when there are no signs. Life is too good to not pay attention.”

4 thoughts on “View From My Baclony – Another Wreck

  1. >Thanks for info, I am always looking for something interesting on the Internet, i want to send
    photos for your blog

  2. >Yes they are the wildest drivers I have ever seen in any place I have ever been!!…Life is too precious to waste being splattered all over the road

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