Second Earthquake Felt!

I just felt my second earthquake in my entire life!

Just sitting in my office in Colonial Zone working on the web site and the chair vibrated. It was just for a half second but it for sure shook. I thought at first that maybe there was something happening in the street, like something fell off a truck or something. Then I realized what it was. At that second I heard people in the gift shop in front of the office whooping and laughing. I knew than what it was.

I went out to the street and most people were doing their normal things as if nothing happened. while others were coming out to the street and looking up to the sky. Then the animation happened in the street that is normal when anything, small or large, happens here. People were all talking and laughing with a little bit of a look of fear (not much, just a little) in their eyes.

So anyhow, we had a 5.1 Earthquake or as they call it here, temblor de tierra or los terremotos (hope I spelt those correctly)! It’s center was about 39 miles from Santo Domingo and seems to have it’s center near La Romana.

I have lots of information about Earthquakes / los Terremotos/ Temblor de Tierra here in Dominican Republic

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