The little peeper

>Colonial Zone Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Before I start the story you have to get an idea of the layout of my apartment. It was in a large
house in Zona Colonial. The house was divided into apartments. The downstairs they kept as one large apartment which was later converted into a bar. The building is long, about a half of a block long and sort of narrow. The second floor which is accessible from the sidewalk by a gate that is pad locked. The large open staircase goes up to the second floor landing which goes the length of the building. There are 4 apartments, which I assume were at one time bedrooms in this large house. The front apartment is a large studio apartment with a large, long kitchen and then there’s the living-sleeping area with a balcony opening to the front of the building overlooking the park and the street. This is my apartment.
The other apartments behind me are 1 room places with a small bathroom. The last apartment there lived a family. Husband, wife and their son (about 6 years old) and daughter (about 3 years old). I don’t know how they all fit into the one room place but they did. It seemed that they spent much of their time on the landing outside. This is where they washed their clothes and dishes and sat at night.
So now on with the story.
I was in my apartment, taking a shower. The bathroom is very small. You could sit on the toilet and take a shower. It only can fit one human. Even if your at the sink (which never did have water) you could shower. The entire bathroom was a shower.
I had a few buckets , one in the bathroom and another outside the door which I never shut, unless there was someone visiting. I very rarely had running water so the buckets were always filled and ready for a shower or to flush the toilet.
I was drying off in front of the mirror on the open door of the bathroom when behind me, in the mirror, there was the neighbor boy! There I was all wet, drying the bod. He just stood there with his jaw dropped to his knees! I’m sure he saw his mom naked in their small apartment but maybe I was the first Gringa he ever saw. Maybe my bright white body blinded him temporarily.
I wrapped the towel around me. I didn’t know what to do. I had no words to tell him to get out. I didn’t know how to say this is spanish. I didn’t know any spanish word to say. They were all somewhere else except where they should have been. Not in my head, not in my mouth. Gone!
I grabbed him and pushed him to the door. Backwards. He was facing me the whole time with a big smile on his face. He wasn’t moving easily either. Either he was resisting or his body was frozen in shock and horror.
I got him out of the door and closed it. I was in shock myself for a few seconds. Then I had to laugh. I laughed uncontrollably picturing his face and imagining what mine must have looked like when I saw him.
I realized that the door didn’t latch when I closed it. It was locked but it didn’t catch and of course, the boy had to push on the door as he passed. Since it was open he must have felt that meant come on in. He had walked in before when I left the door open this is why I always closed it and locked it. From then on I always remembered to push on the door after closing it to make sure it caught. I was never going to be caught like that again.
After I got dressed and got myself composed I figured I best go tell his mom so she didn’t think I was some kind of perv exposing myself in front of her kid.
I opened the door to go out to the landing. She was sitting outside in front of her place with her cousin and the kids were there. As soon as I walked out they started laughing and the boys face turned bright red. This told me that he told her and she wasn’t angry.
I had to take her into my apartment to show her what happened because I didn’t know the words to explain. She laughed and said she told him not to go into my apartment again. She also said that for the last hour, since he saw me, he has not stopped telling everyone he saw me naked. He told all the neighbors and I’m sure all his friends.
For about a month every time he saw me he would get a shy-sly half smile on his face and put his head down. I just shook my finger at him and smiled.
I just hope I didn’t destroy him for the rest of his life by seeing me in my most loveliest!jeje/LOL!

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