More Views From My Balcony

I’ve been busy putting more stuff on my web site.  I never realized building a web site was so time consuming and brain taxing. But I enjoy it, keeps my brain working and helps me to keep my mind of being in USA for the time being.

Views From My Balcony


Chicken Killers

chicken vending truck in colonial zone
The truck comes down the road
White crates piled in the back
Large cauldron of steaming water
Plywood makeshift table
Covered in blood with a machete laying there
A woman waves for this truck to stop
Discussion pursues
A chicken is pulled from a white crate
Everyone seems to be pleased and heads nod
As I watch agassed the machete is raised and WHAPP!
The head is gone!
The writhing body of this once alive bird is held over a drum to bleed
Then it is lowered into the cauldron for a short time
During this time the woman is speaking to the man
No flinching or change of expression
As the life is drained from this once clucking bird
The poor chicken, feathers being ripped from its flesh
The murdering man works fast
He’s a real pro at de pluming the animal
It is put on a scale and the lady nods
Happy with the outcome
He commences chopping the bird in to smaller pieces
With the same machete that cut its living throat
All the parts are put into a bag
Now money is exchanged
The clean money of the woman
Into the bloodied hands of the murdering machete man
The flesh is handed over
The woman crosses the street with the next meal for the family
The truck of death moves on at a slow pace
Watching for someone wanting to buy his next victim