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Walk About Pictures 1st Week in July

I took some nice pictures this week that I just have to share somewhere.

These 2 pictures were taken in a small alleyway in Colonial Zone. I love the art.

It looks like these may be new police recruits. I am not really sure but the park was full on nice looking young men all in white shirts.

This tree is in front of the Church and Convent of Las Mercedes in Zona Coloniallove life. I love the poles lovingly holding up the branches that provide welcome shade for so many.

We had a bit of rain off and on. This is a neighborhood boy, Jimmy, waiting for the rain to stop so he and his friends could continue their game of ball in the Parque Rosado.

Teli, The Dominican Dog, posing with the gargoyle statues in front of the oldest cathedral in the Americas, Cathedral Santa Maria. These statues are lined up along side of the immense building. The thing that really struck me was that Teli has some Greyhound in her. In Spanish Greyhound is Galgo. It is very close sounding to Gargoyle, which is what i thought people were saying when Teli first came to live with me. I did not understand that they were talking the bread of dog not the nasty monster type creatures.

I tried to get her to sit on the pedestal there to pose but she would not do it. I will keep trying.

It was a great week! I wrote this and stuck it onto a picture takes in the central mountains of Dominican Republic.

The Days of Christmas 2011 In My Life

I do not do much for the holidays. I am just not into it any more. So here is a little of what I did do in my own little apartment for Christmas and New Years.

Teli, my dog, and I walked around. I had beer and she had salami or cheese in the Colmado. Sat at the computer worked, played, talked and watched movies. Thats about it. I did pretty much nothing and am sooo content with it. I loved my Holiday time.

Now the video of Teli and I having a good time together. She is such a comedian. She makes me laugh too much.

This is our wonderful Christmas Tree. She is a real beauty. The essence of pine wefted through my home with this baby. LOL!

Trying to get all the lights untangled was a real chore.

Now here is the big one. Taking down the Christmas Tree after the holidays. I was really sweating doing all this work.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year Holiday time. No matter how you celebrate. With friends, family, someone you love or all alone. As long as you enjoy it that is what matters.

Life is soo good! Love and blessings to you all. I hope your year to come is all you hoped for and all you deserve.

Felix Navidad

Christmas again. I’m not really into Christmas anymore. About 2 years before my move to DR I decided not to celebrate Christmas. I told people it was my way to rebel against the commercialism of the holidays. I sort of liked it. I didn’t feel the pressure of having to buy gifts for people. I didn’t spend all that money an things that most people won’t use or need. (I feel if I want to buy someone something it means more if its not an obligatory gift bought on a day when one is supposed to buy a gift). My family didn’t like that I didn’t get into the season but I did what I felt I needed to do.

Now I sort of enjoy not celebrating. Getting together with friends and family is good but the gift thing. I’m not into that any more. That’s one good thing about Dominican Republic. Gifts are mainly for the children. Food and drink are for the adults, both of which I do enjoy.

When I was living in Colonial Zone for my first Christmas it was so nice. All the neighbors pitched in and put lights in the park and got a tree. They even had a band come and play in the park for tree lighting. The TV people were there also. It was a big thing. The ladies (not me) all cooked food and we shared all in the park. For me that was more special than all the gifts in the world. First that it was so simple and neighborly. Second that they included me, the new American neighbor, in the festivities. They all took me in. Even though I did not speak Spanish well. It was difficult communicating. Where I lived most have lived in the area for generations of at least knew someone that lived there. So for them to accept me really meant a lot to me.

I miss all my neighbors and friends there so much. I do hope when I return I can live in the same neighborhood with the people that I know and care about. Where I feel accepted and safe. I feel I belong in that neighborhood with those people. More than I ever felt I fit in to a neighborhood in USA.

Well..I have to call my Felix now. I miss him so. Then I’ll call my Dominican family, Mamita and Jimmy. Then my real Blood Aunt is coming for me and we will spend the afternoon with my grandparents, Maw and Pappap. After Aunt Lois is staying the night with me. We will have some laughs I’m sure. We always do.

Merry Christmas to all!