Mom Scared Me – Too Funny

Last night mom decided to rest herself and lay on the sofa and watch a movie. I was there with her for a little while but moved into the bedroom to take advantage of having the bed all to myself.

After a time the movie stopped and there was no movement from the living room. I decided I best go investigate.

Mom was laying sleeping on the sofa and the movie was over. I went and looked out the window to see what was happening in the street. Nothing. So I went to look at mom. I went up to her face to sniff and see what was up. As I got close her eyes opened.

She yelled a sort of wow type yell, it was not a scream. When she yelled she jumped then I jumped! We were both looking at each others faces close up with our eyes open in a sort of fright shock type look. All I could think to do was t give mom a big kiss on her face to let her know I thought it was funny.

When I gave this little kiss she hugged me. Then she started laughing so hard. I was laughing too in the doggy way. This made her get up and we went to bed. Every time she looked at me she started laughing remembering the look on my face when she scared me and how we both jumped. she was still laughing about it this morning. She is giggling as I am dictating this story to her right now….will she ever get over it??!!

I cannot figure out humans but I sure do love them, especially my mom!

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