Taking The Jump From Montecinos

Mom got all ready for our Sunday walk-about. She kept telling me we would go soon and I was waiting. She said we would go to the Malecon and walk and see what we could see. I was so ready when around 11AM she loaded up her pockets with the camera, my snacks and some other stuff. We were off on our adventure.

I always get nervous at the door of the building where we live getting ready to go out to the street. I shake a little but I know it is OK. It is that my body does not realize it is OK yet.

We went to visit the Monument of Montecinos first. Crossing the Malecon is a little scary but on Sundays there is not much traffic so I was brave. We got to the Plaza with the giant statue of Frey Anton de Montecinos, the protector of the Indians, sitting on top. Mom let my leash go free because she has more confidence in me now because I return to her when she yells “ TELI COME”, even if I do not want to come I know I will have more freedom if I listen so I try really hard to obey.

entrance to the plaza de montecinos

There were some interesting paintings on the walls called DE MI Barrio. I was more interested in looking over the edge at the Caribbean Sea.

paintings de mi barrio at montecinos

Mom was taking pictures and I was enjoying sniffing around.

I even got to walk on the big cement tablet that had important writing on it.

A lady and her son came over to say hello to me. They were very nice. I liked looking out the open window into the port across the way. There were lots of interesting activities going on there.

window from plaza de monticinos looking at the port

Then we headed up to the 3rd floor or get up close to the statue on top but we never made it. Mom was walking behind me when I saw another big open window. It was a bit high and I wanted to see over. I thought I would just jump up on the ledge to see over. That was a really stupid idea. I mis-judged the jump and went flying. I was like a bird without wings! I jumped off the place between the 2nd and 3rd floor!
montecinos statue atop the plaza If you look closely mom put an arrow on the window I jumped from. The window below it is the one in the picture with me looking out the window.

In a flash I hit the ground. Thank God it was a little soft. I squealed when I hit. It knocked the wind out of me. I stood up slowly as I heard my mom scream over the wall “Teli”! Then she was gone.

I stretched out my front legs to make sure all was still connected and started walking. I did not know where I was going to but I know I needed to walk. Then I heard my moms voice echoing coming down the stairs yelling my name. I went to meet her.

She was shaking as much as I was. She was crying. She sat down on the ground next to me. She touched me lightly. Telling me she loved me. She was feeling my legs, my back, my ribs, my neck and head. She got a little drop of blood on her hand from my mouth and I thought she was going to faint. I gave her a little kiss to tell her it was OK. She cried more.

The lady with the boy came running to see if I was OK. She said a little prayer for me. That was so special. My mom told her to check my blog to see how I was. Then mom and I went to the sand beach area to sit for a little bit because both mom and I were shaking and could not walk.

Mom checked me again and found a little spot on my leg that had a few little cuts on it. I had some mud on my side, dirt on my nose and I was a little sore. She even got my treats out and made sure my eyes followed the little snack. Then we left the beach.

Mom tried to carry me up the stairs but she could not do it. I wanted to walk anyhow. I really did not hurt that much. She did carry me across the Malecon. We walked to my park and she sat and checked me again. She told some of the neighbors what happened and they were amazed that I seemed to be OK. Then we went home. I walked slowly up the stairs.

Mom lifted me into the bed and gave me some water. She lay down with me until I looked rested.

Teli resting after her jump

Then she came out and posted the pics on Facebook so people could pray for me.
teli sitting up feeling a little sore

Now, 2 days later I am just fine. I am a little sore. I cannot chew on my bones because it hurts my mouth a little bit. I am sure that in a few more days I will be back at my bone collection. Maybe next week we can try the Malecon walk-about again and finish taking pictures of that big statue of Montecino.

Thank you to the lady that prayed for me when I took the jump. Thank you to my Facebook friends who cared and prayed for me. I still cannot believe that I fell that far and am not hurt. I think Gods arms caught me at the bottom and stopped me from hitting the ground. He does watch out for us animals too.

I offer my paw to shake to all for thinking of me!

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