Veterinarians – Veterinarias

Veterinarians – Veterinarias

Dr. Brache
Grooming, Doctor and Veterinarian. Also there is a pet supply store selling select foods, toys and more for your pet.
Calle Siervas de Maria esq. John F. Kennedy
Call (809) 732-9561 and for emergencies 809-707-7007

ASM Veterinaria – Full service Veterinarians. “Committed to the health of your pet, which is why each year we expand our services and specialties, we have equipment and veterinary exclusive material to provide increasingly better care.
We are the only clinic with the most advanced veterinary team.”

ARPET Veterinaria Passion For Your Mascot! – Born out of concern for animal health. They really care about the animals they take care of. The veterinarians and staff are very dedicated providing preventative and emergency care for your mascot. They also have a doggie hotel.
Contact: Avenida Republic de Colombia #50, Arroyo Hondo, DN (in front of the Jardín Botánico).809-566-9555 / 829-986-9595
More information at
ARPET Veterinaria and on FaceBook – ARPET Veterinaria.

Frontline Plus for Dogs 3 Mths 89-132 Lbs

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