Dogs Get Blessed

A very interesting thing happened yesterday morning when the dogs saw this monument for the Virgin Mary(Altagracia as she is called here in Dominican Republic).

Altagracia monument

Altagracia monument

Each dog, with Inteliperra in the lead, passed this monument to the Virgin Altagracia. They each stopped for a second, looked up, then turned and walked away.

The Dominican Dogs honoring the Virgin Altagracia

The Dominican Dogs honoring the Virgin Altagracia

Each waited their turn and went in a line. Teli, Beza, Buenagente then Zippy. The dogs all acted very serine and reverent as each one stopped in front of the image. Then they reverently turned and walked away, all in turn.

I was just amazed.

This really struck me.

Do you think they had an idea of what they were doing?

Do you think they felt something?

(This is the momma of Inteliperra writing this story)

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