Playing on the Dirt Pile

This morning my friends and me found a big giant pile of sand. We cannot resist. This pile of dirt was calling out to us all to come and jump on it. How could we refuse? We cannot be rude when it is demanding us to come and play.

I was playing with Buenagente in this first picture slider. We were having a good ole romp and the other dogs looked on, Beza and Zippy from the top of the pile and Julio was in the middle of the mound.

It almost looked like me and Buena were the wrestlers, Julio was the referee and Beza and Zippy were the audience watching all the action.



We were all tired out from the big romp. I went elsewhere to check things out while Buenagente took over the top of the pile, observing all that was below like a king watching his subjects. Fuzzy joined in the rest time along with Beza, Zippy and Julio.



It was another good morning romp for us all.


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