To Boca Chica!

Mom has been wanting to take me to the beach but it is not easy getting anywhere when she does not have a car and the stupid guaguas do not permit dogs. Don’t they know I am a very special dog!?

Anyhow, my friend said he would take us in his taxi. We picked up Mamita, my moms great friend, and we were off. I have not been in a car for a long time and I was a little afraid to get in but once we started on our way I was enjoying it.

When we got to the beach I was so enjoying the sand on my toes. I think I come from beach dogs because it just felt so right to be there. I am a Caribbean dog.

I went to the water and bounced around there for a few minutes with mom but I need to work my way into getting used to it. It was fun and I can’t wait to really get into some swimming sometime soon.

We checked things out and I got to take in all the beach smells. There were a few local dogs trying to check me out but the man that takes care of the chairs liked me and he made those doggies go away. I felt very special.

Then we decided to eat. Mom and Mamita got fish. It smelt so good. Mom shared some of hers with me.

Then she had to play with the ugly fish head. She can be so silly at times. She told me I had to kiss the fish head. I did it just to get her and that nasty fish head out of my face. Moms…..whats a Teli to do with them…? hehe..

After we ate we decided to rest a bit. I had to be on the lounge chair. Me and mom were fighting for the top of the chair. We decided that i would get it some of the time and she would. We had to be fair.

There was this family in front of us. The one lady just could not stop looking at me. I had an admirer. She was really nice and she even came over and patted me on the head.

The sun started going down. We were getting tired and it was time to go home. Mamita was checking out the area. I like Mamita. She is a little afraid of me but I went over and laid beside her and she pet me. I think she likes me too.

When we left there was all this noise. The quad people were revving their engines. I do not understand why humans like all that noise. I will never understand noisy humans. But mom had to hold me for a little bit because I started shaking. I tried to be brave but it was just too much. But then the car around and I felt safe when we got inside.

I had a great day. I really like the beach. I was amazed when I peed in the sand and it disappeared right away. I liked that. I also liked the fish. I enjoyed the attention I got when people saw me laying on moms lounge chair, especially when I was hiding under the towel, and they did not expect to see me on the chair. Everyone treated me really nice. But, it sure was nice getting back home where I know I am safe. I do want to go to the beach again soon.

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