My Friend Shadow Got Neutered

A friend of my mom contacted her because his baby Shadow was attracting too many boys and he wanted to make it easier on her and get her neutered. My mom knew Shadow when she was just a baby and loves to help when she can.

He decided to take Shadow to the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña also known as UNPHU. They have a Veterinary Clinic there that is very good. My mom took my sister, whom I never met, Sniffy there when she was hit by a Jeepeta in Bani and they took care of her very good.

This is the report that Shadows dad Craig sent to my mom..
“Well Shadow had her surgery on Tuesday at UNPHU Vet. Clinic. – these are very professional people who did a great job, there is almost always one of the Doctors that speaks English (actually most of them except the desk ladies), the cost was RD $4300 – about a quarter of what the private vet wanted. She was there for three days (Dropped off Monday am and picked up Thursday am). They did pre-op Monday, gave antibiotics, etc…. Made sure she was good to go for surgery on Tuesday am, and then a day of recovery.”

I am sure that poor Shadow hurt for a few days but when she fully recovers she will be so much happier. She will not have those nasty boys after her every few months bugging her and trying to hurt her. When she gets all better Shadows dad said he will take me and mom to the beach to celebrate. I cannot wait!

My 2 sisters dogs (Sniffy and Stuff) that I never met were neutered. There are so many dogs in the world without homes. It is very responsible to do this for your best friend that you love. If you want a dog please adopt. There are many great animals that need your love and care. And be responsible Spay and Neuter them.

For information about adopting a pet, where to adopt and more animal care information .

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