My Birthday – I Am 2

My birthday is on April 1. Mom told me it is April Fools Day and I think that is pretty funny that I was born on a day when so many humans have fun. I am just glad to be two years old.

I can even say how old I am, barking of course. I am not that good that I can talk like a human at least not yet. Mom took the video to prove it to my family and friends.

Mom greeted me in the morning, after our morning walk with a big cow foot bone. She also had to put some paper hat on my head. I took it off the first time but mom put it back on. She said it was just for a few pictures so I decided to endure it for her and her pictures.

I stuck my tongue out at mom because she made me endure the hat. I did not think she saw it but it showed up on this picture. I was caught!

We went out for our Sunday Walk-About but I really did not feel like walking too much. I just was not in the mood this week.

We ended up running into my friend Chino and he was so happy tat it was my birthday he wanted a picture taken with me. He also gave me some ham.

Then we walked a little more. I kept turning toward home but mom was heading the opposite direction. She told me we would go to one more park then home. It was OK because I have some friends there and I was thinking they would probably give me a birthday present.

Two of the girls were there. They wished me Feliz Cumpliaños by giving me a big red flower to wear. The picture did not show the flower stuck in my collar.

After visiting with them we came home. Mom wanted to take me out to a restaurant to eat but I did not feel like it. Mom did as I wished and we came home. I wanted to eat my bone and relax near the fan. I had a great birthday.

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