Walk-About March 25, 2012

I love my Sunday Walk-Abouts. Mom gets her stuff done in the house early and we hit the streets around 11 or 12. She always tells me I can pick the direction. I always head down the same roads and go to the same places. I am a doggie of habit. So she has to take control and we set off.

This time we headed up the hill to China Town.
China Town Dominican Republic
The big statues frightened me at first but I got used to them. Maybe because they were giant cats. Cats do not make me nervous but if I saw a cat this size I would run away…
China Town Santo Domingo
I am getting very brave.

We were walking near the Mercado Modelo. On Sunday there are not hardly any cars or people on this street so I am feel relaxed and calm. The only problem was that some big dog fell in love with me and was following me around. Every time we looked at him he turned his head pretending he was not following us.

Then we went past the Fire Station. The Bomberos were outside and they were not very friendly but I did get my picture taken near the old firetruck sitting outside.
bomberos antique fire truck santo domingo

We went to Parque Independencia so I could see where the founding fathers of Dominican Republic are honored.

Then we walked to the Door of the Count or Puerta del Conde.

The guard was nervous because I was standing too close. He was afraid of me, The Dominican Dog. Imaging that. But he finally let me have a picture taken with him and he even patted my head when he realized I was nice.

Then we went to a Colmado. I got some ice and mom got a beer. We also got a little cheese cheese to munch on. I like Colmados as much as my mom does.

Then we headed toward home stopping in moms park, Parque San Jose to visit her old neighbors for a little bit. I just jumped up on the bench next to mom, laid down and relaxed. I was just watching the pigeons and the people passing by because I was tired out after our long walk.

Now next Sunday April 1st is my birthday. Wonder where we will go walking to then…

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