Walk-About Checking Out The Feria Artesanal

Mom and I took a big walk-about today. We went up the hill by the wall of the Colonial Zone. There was a big bus filled with people carrying drums, trumpet horns, costumes and being noisy. They started making more noise and I got afraid. they were doing a promotion for Carnival. I wanted no part of it! Too much noise and crazy people for me. Mom was nice and got me away from there FAST!

I walked down Calle El Conde for a block. I was proud. I did not get afraid like before. Someday I will walk the entire Conde street.

I ate some ice in Parque Duarte and was feeling good so mom took me to the Feria Artesanal in Plaza Bartolome de las Casas. Lots of cool art work is for sale there by the artists that made the stuff.

Mom made me a long leash so I could have a little more freedom. I was playing hide and seek. Can you find me?

I liked the little booths and the colors. People painted their booths so pretty and artistic.
feria artesanal zona colonial

The statue was really big of the guy, Bartolome de las Casas, who the plaza was named after.

I really enjoyed the long leash and being able to sniff around.

I even made a friend. She was really nice and we played a little bit.

Mom took some pictures of her and I. We only had 1 picture of us together so she took some holding the camera out in front of us.

After we left the Plaza we walked for a few more hours. We stopped in one place where they are nice to me. They talk to me and pay attention to me and give me snacks. We do not remember the name of the Colmado but I like it there.

I had another glass of ice and got sooo tired. I could hardly keep my eyes open. People were laughing at me with my eyes closing and my head bobbing up and down.

Finally mom said it was time to go home. We were out for about 6 hours walking around, talking to friends and making new ones. It was a good day. I cannot wait to do it again.

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