Are Dogs Like Babies?

My mom told me about this article on, The Dog Whisperer, she read today.

“A new study from Current Biology in Hungary completed a study that shows dogs respond to eye contact and verbal and nonverbal cues from humans similarly to human children in the two-year-old range who haven’t started talking. The study helps prove that dogs are more attuned with our energy, tone of voice, and other nonverbal behaviors than we might have imagined.” Read the article Are Dogs Like Babies for yourself.

Mom and I already knew that we dogs are smart. We know words and sign language. We can read our humans movements, gestures and many times their thoughts just by their facial expressions.

I have only been training my mom for almost 2 months and she knows how to read my thoughts so why in this world could I not know her thoughts and what she will do even before she does it? (sorry mom, lol)

I am Teli, The Dominican Dog and I approve this post.

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