Sunday January 8, 2012 Walkabout

Mom and I went out for our walkabout. We never know where we are going to go. She says that it depends on my behavior how far we walk and where we go. I have her all figured out now. If I do not want to walk far I just pretend I am afraid or act up then she gets frustrated and we go back home or near to home.

Today I was in the mood to visit a little bit. i am starting to enjoy talking to people and hanging out with them more. I think people like me too.

We sat down where Grupo Bonye plays near the Ruinas.

I was a little nervous when the big truck came up and started unloading the equipment for the music but I figured out that it was OK when the driver guy came over and said hi to me. Then I saw some of my friend dogs lounging and relaxing like nothing important was happening so I decided it was OK and I watched then setting up.

After we watched for a while I was ready to continue on with our walk. We passed some of my Colmados. Two of them the people inside invited us in to hang out for a while. They like me. But I wanted to visit my Vet friend Gabriels favorite Colmado, Colmado San Miguel, so we walked there.

As soon as I got in the guys came over and said hi to me. It made me feel good that people like me and greet me. They gave me a piece of bread, some cheese and a few ice cubes. I was happy. I even did some tricks for them and showed off a little bit.

Met a new nice friend, Enrique. He was really nice to me and wanted his picture taken with me.

Then we started walking toward home. The streets and Colmados were getting full. The music started at the Ruinas. I was ready to head home. It was a good day. Both mom and I had enough. We were tired and ready to go home and relax. Mom said I did sooo good. I was walking home with my head held high. It was a good day.

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