Walking Ms. Janette

So, my dear fan club … yeah, if you don’t know yet, I’m a celebrity. I have 76 fans on Facebook!!! Yeay, seventy-six! I’m sooooo trilled. And I have to apologize that I can’t hang around on there much more, but between my (still super-secret) job and all my social obligations, I just haven’t gotten the time.

Anyways, so today things were a little slower so I figured I’ll stay around the house and see what Teli and her mom are up to. Well, it turned out the usual way, Teli, the big sissy she is, didn’t want to go out for a walk in the afternoon. Some thing or other about too many people being around. Nah, whatever. So I told Teli’s mom that I’d take her for a walk. You know as a real gentleman I am, I can’t let a lady walk unprotected around town.

Now I quick line before I tell you all about that walk, you all know that Janette is Teli’s mom and I really love them a lot and they helped me out when I got sick and all. But I feel a bit silly about calling her Mom because she’s Teli’s mom and I really don’t want to butt in on that. So, after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided I’ll call her Ms. Janette. Don’t you think that sounds very respectful and dignified?

So, now back to our stroll around the Colonial Zone.

So, I heard the other day that the newly renovated Duarte House is really cool so I told Ms. Janette that I’d like to walk her there. And she agreed and off we went.

That house is the building where Juan Pablo Duarte was born and raised. Today it is the Museum of Juan Pablo Duarte and it’s on the street called Calle Isabella La Católica. I don’t really want to go into all that history stuff and bore you to death, so if you fancy knowing more about it, visit the links in this paragraph.

See her coming there in the back? Ready to attack us!!!

See her coming there in the back? Ready to attack us!!!

So we get there and it looks mighty pretty from the outside and after all the stuff I heard about the renovations, I really thought we should check it out. Well, I go up the stairs, mind you the doors are wide open, and out come the Furies personified, ahm, at least one of them. So this lady is all up in arms that this isn’t a house for dogs and how I have to go away and so on.

Well, Lady, you aren't on my favorite people list.

Well, Lady, you aren’t on my favorite people list.

Now, you all know I’m a seasoned tour guide in the Zone and as one of the official Guardians of the Zone, and this treatment hurt. Oh, the insult, throwing me out like this. I bet between Ms. Janette and I we know more about this place than that lady. I bet you.

Pfffftttt… Going somewhere else more friendly.

Pfffftttt… Going somewhere else more friendly.

Anyways, I wanted to give her a few choice words, but then I thought better of it and just let her stand there. Pffft….

And we strolled back home where we found Teli in the sofa chewing on MY kneecap bone!!! She could just stick with her own one, but no, mine is probably sooooo much better. The silly thing.

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