Nasty Nighttime Visitor

I was getting ready to sleep. Beddin’ down is what I tell the dogs when it’s bedtime. I get comfy and turn the bed lamp off. Inteliperra asleep under the bedside table, Buenagente sprawled out on the sofa and me in bed with my Kindle. I was watching a halfway funny video of people scaring each other.

I felt a tickle on my upper thigh.

I thought that the fan blew the sheet up and that it was tickling my butt cheek. I put my hand down to tuck in the sheet and there was something there!

My hand covered something big moving on my upper thigh-lower butox cheek! IT WAS ALIVE!!!


I jumped out of the bed, well got out fastly, my ole body does not jump any longer. I turned on the light and there was a big ole cockroach-palmetto bug making itself comfortable on MY bed! That bug was kissing my butox!

I grabbed a towel and caught it inside and threw it out the window. I have a hard time tramping on one of those big bugs. They crunch and I hate that so I try and be nice and set it free. If that’s not possible I bug spray the bugger.

Now I have the heebie-jeebies. I keep thinking I feel a bug on me. Little crawling feets on my body. Getting comfortable in my bed.

For a while, there will be no more watching people scaring each other. I don’t want to give any more cockroaches ideas. That big nasty creature was probably watching that video and he thought it would be fun to frighten the ole Gringa. Well, that bugger succeeded! I was scared! and I did laugh – afterwards. He’s probably yucking it up with his roach buddies about how he scared a human that was watching other humans being scared.

Buenagente sleeping so nice and comfortable

Buenagente sleeping so nice and comfortable


Inteliperra sleeping and smiling.

Inteliperra sleeping and smiling.

I do not have any cockroach pictures so I’ll just include a few pics of my dogs sleeping.


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