Pay The Server Renewal

I need a little help. The server payment is due for the Colonial Zone web site and family of blogs and I do not have the cash.

UPDATE – The server- hosts are paid for 3 more years thanks to the donations. Bless your generous hearts! I love you guys.

It’s time again to pay to renew the servers for the web site. Every year it gets more and more expensive and I make less and less. Since people use ad blockers revenue from the ads are way down and this is how I always paid the servers and other bills. Now the time has come to pay US$269 and I don’t have the cash. The bill is due mid-August.

I started a Go Fund Me thingy in case anyone wants to help out. Or if you want to help via Pay Pal that’s OK too. Anything will help so I can keep this blog. The Dominican Dog Blog, Colonial Zone News Blog and the Colonial Zone DR web site going.

If you want to help via PayPal you can send funds to

If you want to help via Go Fund Me here is the information

Thanks so much in advance. Every little bit helps.

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