I Love My Total Gym

I love my Total Gym. I used to own a Total Gym when I lived in USA and I loved that thing. When I moved to Dominican Republic I sold it because I could not figure how to get it here. I so wish I didn’t do that. Now I can’t afford to re-purchase one.

I loved that Total Gym. It was so easy to use and was easy on my twice operated on back as well. You can lay down on the soft table, adjust it to different heights to make exercises more difficult or easy. I liked it because I could just lay down on the table and move slowly and take my time and stay in shape while watching tv. The gym made me more flexible also, I was even able to touch my toes for the first time in forever.

One of my favorite go-to exercises was just laying there squatting down and pushing off the bottom foot bar. Being in mid-air for a sec and then touching the bar again and doing it over and over. My least favorite was working on the butt. That hurt but it had to be done.

All in all I highly recommend a Total Gym to everyone no matter what level of fitness you are. It is good for body builders (the reason I bought mine in the first place was because a body builder friend said he had one and told me it would be perfect for me) and also the novice. It folds up easily too so you can put it in front of the TV and later fold it up and roll it away.

Total Gym is offering 10% off and you can even try it out to see if you like it which I am sure you will.

Happy Exercising!

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  1. Will be visiting DR in Jan. We lived in Nicaragua for the past 8 years and moved because of political trouble. We both went to Seneca valley and I grew up in Evans city. Will stay for a week or so in capital and then off to see whales. We are looking at Airbnb. Know of any good places?

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