Neighbors Cat

The neighbor has a cat. Many neighbors have cats, but this one cat is my buddy.

This cat is my favorite kind of cat. The orange and white kind, I think they are called Tabby?  It (I say IT because I’ve never checked to see if it is male or female) lays on the tin roof on my downstairs neighbor patio roof at different times throughout the day. Sometimes hanging out with the other neighbors chicken that likes to lay under the orange tree. I call the chicken Orange. I call the cat Sweety.

Orange, the chicken that hangs out in the orange tree.

I would love to have a cat but my dogs are not cat lovers. Sad to say, Buenagente has killed a few kittens by grabbing them and shaking. It just breaks my heart but if I’m not fast enough to get him before he gets them…well…it makes me cry. So no cats for me.

Sweety peaking at me through the kitchen window.

As soon as I go into the kitchen Sweety is at the window. It knows not to come inside. When it did try the dogs made it known that it was not welcome.

So, Sweety comes to the window and I put a little dog food in a jar lid, usually it comes to about 1/3 of a cup. Not much but the cat loves it. The lid is placed in one of the plant pots and Sweets has dinner.

Sweety is happily eating its dinner.

When Sweety is finished it usually sits at the window for a bit. Not sure if its to torture the dogs or its comfortable or maybe waiting for a little petting and scratching from me.

Sweety resting after dinner in the window.

I give the cat some scratching and petting then when it climbs down and goes wherever. Maybe to another neighbor for some food. Sometimes it just goes under the orange tree branches and lays near Orange, the chicken.

I like it. I can have a little kitty lovin’ and not own a kitty. All is good.

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