Tennis Tales

Tennis Shoes Tale. The dramatic tale of my old tennis and new gift tennis shoes. They have a story to tell.

I am an abuser of Tennis. I walk in the morning with the dogs, sometimes for many hours. Mostly on cement roads and sidewalks. My poor shoes get a workout for sure.

One of my blog readers and dog lover, Willy, sent me a message that he wanted to send me a new pair of shoes so I could be comfy on the long dog walks. I said sure. Never really thinking much of it.

Then April 26th Willy contacted me and asked me for my phone number. I sent it. On the 28th I got a call. It was some lady I did not know asking me where I lived. I was taken aback and then she explained that she had something for me from Willy.

I told her where I lived and we made plans to meet. Alba came just like she said, carrying a bag. Inside the bag was a real live beautiful pair of new tennis shoes just the right size to fit my big ole feets.

They came just in the nick of time as my tennis I bought the beginning of December were on their last leg..of should I say last foot? I was getting ready to give them the ole silicone treatment because water was coming in the bottom because the sole was wearing out.

Poor old tennis on their last foot.

I always get the most out of my shoes. I wear them until they are down right dead and have no life left in them. Then they can happily go to shoe heaven with all the other once loved and much used tennis.

My nice new Willy tennis

All was good. I smiled down at me new shoes, happy again walking the morning walks without water seeping in and stones sticking me. I was a content human.

About 2 weeks later. I looked down and thought there was a piece of duct tape stuck to the bottom of my shoe. It was not duct tape. The side of the right shoe was hanging off. My new shoe was falling apart! Oh woes me.

New shoes are broken

I got home and looked. I could fix that. No problem. I got out my indoor-outdoor heavy duty glue and squirted it into all the right places, clamped the shoes together and let them dry.

New tennis all clamped together and drying.

24 hours later – Wa-lah! Good as new. I was a happy human with happy shoes once again.

Morning romp at the Faro a Colón with my kids, Inteliperra and Buenagente

Morning romp at the Faro a Colón with my kids, Inteliperra and Buenagente

Then, this morning at the Faro a Colón I started hearing squishy sounds when I was walking in the right shoe. The same one that had the shoe saving procedure not even a week ago.

I got home and inspected it and the bottom sole was coming loose. No problem. I got out my trusty glue and went into shoe surgery mode.

Shoe resting comfortable after surgery letting the glue set.

The shoe did well and is recovering from surgery. It is resting under a heavy box for 24 hours while the glue cures.

Interesting thing, it is only the right shoe that has been ill. The left shoe is stuck together just fine. I think whoever was the shoe gluer that day needs a new lesson on shoe gluing. The shoe inspector needs to take a vacation and learn to inspect BOTH shoes in the pair instead of just one.

Anyhow, I love my tennis. I think they love me also since I showed love and compassion to the broken shoe instead of discarding it before it had a chance to live a good tennis shoe life.

I make an oath to my new tennis. “I will not let you go before your time. You will get to walk a lot and enjoy the sights. You will get dirty, wet and maybe even be dog peed on and walk in poo at times. You will be happy tennis before you retire to the big tennis shoe heaven in the sky.”

Thank you again Willy for giving me happy feets!! Thank you Alba for delivering the shoes. Bless your hearts.

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