Skeeter Bat

I have been infested with mosquitoes off and on since I moved to Los Molinos almost 1 year ago. I cannot figure out where they are coming from, must be some neighbors house or water laying where I cannot see. The skeeters like my closet – storage room, under the computer desk and under the bed.

I hate using poison sprays because of the dogs. I got eucalyptus branches and put around. The stupid mosquitos don’t realize that they are supposed to hate eucalyptus and they hide in the branches!

I light incense and try to smoke them out. That helps while there is smoke but after the incense is burnt out those blood suckers return to their original places.

I remember oh so many years ago I bought my parents a bug zapper and it was so much fun and so satisfying watching those pesky creatures getting burnt to a crisp on the thing. So I saw this “Multi-Functional Mosquito-Killer Bat” in the store and decided to get me a Christmas present.

Mosquito-Killer Bat

I got home and started reading the directions and they were not easy at all to understand. Here is a picture of the instructions. You can open in full size to read the entire package instructions. I’ll add a few excerpts from it. I think its translated from Japanese.

“Major Features:

*The bat gives fatal shocks to mosquitoes, fly & insect stinging on skin but it is safe to human. It is safe and practical

*Put the switch to down position, the bat connot work at all. Put the switch to up position. The bat can begin work.

*Turn on the LED switch, the light will be on.

*Press hitting switch, it can kill the mosquito, fly & insect.

*The swatter can be recycled use.”

Mosquito Bat instructions

Here are a few more pictures of the package.

Mosquito Bat package.

The package is dated 2008 but this picture has to be at least from before 2001. No idea why they chose this picture for their packaging.

Mosquito Bat package

I must say that the bat is fun. I love waving it around and hearing the buzz and see the frying of the skeeters. The dogs aren’t as pleased as I am. They don’t like the sound it makes. They will just have to learn to adjust or they can start eating mosquitoes for

My new Skeeter bat in front of my movie stars poster.

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