Visiting the Street Barber

I finally decided that I needed a real haircut instead of cutting my own like I’ve been doing for the last year.

I went to the corner of Calle Olegario Vargas in front of where the barber (Barbero in Spanish) sits outside with his mirror, an extension cord with clippers attached and his little plastic chair.

Getting my hair cut on the corner and am a little nervous.

Teli and Buena came along and I attached their leashes to the park bench where all the guys that work on the trucks for Los Molinos flour mill sit waiting their turn to work. I was a little…well really a lot nervous. I never had my hair cut with electric clippers before. But, what da heck, it’s only hair and it will grow back in no time.

Getting my hair cut on the corner with the dogs.

Cachè started cutting. All my grey-brown hair was falling everywhere. All the men (at least 15 were hanging around) were watching. There was one lady sitting there that kept reassuring me that he was doing a good job. Teli was into getting her butt scratched by one of her guys and Buena was just enjoying hanging out with some humans.

Getting hair cut on the corner.

Caché cut and then shaved my neck. And he and some of the men stepped back to check the end results. The barber was very happy with his work. I was too. My neck was a little burnt and the bangs are a smidgen too short but I’m content. And the price can’t be beat. $150 pesos (a man’s cut is $100) that’s about us$3.20.

I am content.

Caché is cutting away.


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  1. Your blog is GREAT!!! I’m dying laughing! 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much of your life and story while there! I recently returned from my first trip to the DR and fell. in. love. Since my return to the states I have done nothing but research how to live, where to find a job, what job to find, and all that encompasses expat life. I would love to pick your brain and absorb as much information as I can! Thank you for your help…and your blog.

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