Bees Candy

Bees Candy – Views From My Balcony

There must be a bee hive forming near my apartment. The last week these cute little stinging bees have been invading my apartment.

I felt so bad that one bee even drown in my coffee.

I figured that I’d put a little treat out for them to enjoy but too many little bumble bees decided to join in the feast.

Bees in my plants

They starting buzzing around me and I really don’t feel like getting stung so I moved their treat out the window.

Bees enjoying my Christmas candy

They seem to like the peppermint hard tack candy I made. Since the bee population is in decline I figured I would try and help them out a bit. Maybe I’ll be blessed with some minty honey someday and I’ll thank my little bee friends…as long as they stay outside.

The bees are really enjoying the candy

UPDATE: 3 hours later they invited friends and their friends invited friends. The bees are having a party!

More bees are joining the party

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