I Finally Took a Trek on a Trikke

I have been seeing these funny looking 3-wheeled electric bikes rolling silently around the Zone for over a year now. I always wanted to try one out. They looked like so much fun with all the humans with their yellow helmets whizzing by me as I watched silently hoping to have a go at one of those babies sometime. I finally had my chance.

First a little explanation and information about a Trikke – It is a stand up three-wheeled eco-friendly scooter that is fun and simple to ride. It is used for both exercise and transportation. Its 3 wheels form a sort of Y shape. It runs on electricity and has a very low environmental impact; a charge lasts up to 3 hours. They can go up to around 30 miles per hour but they are best at slower easy speeds. The Trikke can also can fold up for easy storage or transport. The local police in the Colonial Zone have incorporated them into their monitoring and surveillance of the area make getting around fast, simple and quiet.

I decided that it was time take my tour with Trikke Colonial City Tour.

Trikke Colonial City Tour building

Trikke Colonial City Tour building

I go to the office and go inside. I was so pleased with the blast of cool air from the air conditioner. It s really hot outside in the summer so when there is air in any building it is a real plus. Their cute little doggie mascot, Jolie, was there busy with her toy. She is a now friend of my gang of dogs. Beza likes to play with Jolie when she is in the street.

Trikke Colonial reception - shop

Trikke Colonial reception – shop

The owner greeted me and explained the tours they offer. They have a few different options, The Facebook Tour (30 minutes), Santo Domingo Full (60 minutes), Santo Domingo & Museum (90 minutes) and the Party Night Tour (45 minutes) with prices ranging from US$25 to US$45 making it a pretty good deal for all you see. Each tour has a guide that speaks in either Spanish of English. They also have a taped tour offering 9 different languages.

They had me sign a waver, fitted me with a cute little helmet and gave me a headset and little control box so the guide did not have to yell. The guide was knowledgeable and also a sweety (if I was only 30 years younger…lol), Rubén Dumet, and he made sure I was all comfy all decked out in my riding attire. Then he took me to my ride and instructed me how to use it correctly.

Trikke Colonial helmets

Trikke Colonial helmets

I am not keen on motorized vehicles. I remember when I was a young whipper-snapper and had my first try on a mini bike. I was at my neighbors, the Grandstaffs’, house. Our friend Kevin got a new mini bike and we all were trying it out in the front yard. It was my turn and I got on, all confident. I was off. Only problem was I got the gas fast and gas slow confused and when I wanted to slow down I went faster and ran into a tree and knocked the gas tank off the bike. Fawn, my best friend and blood sister (we had a blood sharing ceremony down at the spring house because we saw it on TV and had to do that too), came running to see if I was OK and Kevin ran to check his bike. I was not hurt but that was it for my 2 wheeled motor bike riding, that is, until I got my Moped when I was in my mid 20’s which is another story.

Trikke Colonial me being a little nervous at first

Trikke Colonial me being a little nervous at first

I did a little practicing in the park and I when I was confident with my riding skills Rubén and I were off into the streets of the Colonial City to see what we could see and learn a little about the history of the Zone. I was hoping to learn a few things about the Zone that I did not know and I was not disappointed.

We went all over the oldest part of the Zone. Rubén was a very good guide. In fact he was more than a guide, it was almost like we were old friends just hanging out and sharing. He spent time explaining, in English, a little history and funny stories about many of the old buildings we passed. The sun was beating down but as long as we kept moving there was a cool breeze and the heat was bearable.

I only hit the ditch once and sort of fell off 2 times. Those were all my stupid fault because I kept seeing everyone I knew and people were saying hey and waving and I had to look and wave and a few times I just lost my focus and also my balance. I do the same when I walk so its no big deal it is just a little different with my 2 feet on earth instead of my feet on the little platforms of the Trikke.

We made it back to the office after a little more than an hour. I had some really bad helmet hair. I had a little but of some sun on my nose and shoulders. I also had a better knowledge of the Colonial Zone that I love and call home. Thank you Trikke Colonial City Tour for a great ride.

My happy face after the Trikke Colonial tour

My happy face after the Trikke Colonial tour

Trikke Colonial offers the tours I mentioned above daily from 9AM to 6PM and the night tour starts at 8PM. They can tour groups, families and / or individuals. The original location was on the Conde at Parque Colon. Their new storefront is on Calle Padre Billini #54, on the corner of Isabel la Católica, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo. Their phone is 809-221-8097. You most likely will see the Trikkes parked out on the street ready and waiting to take you on the tour memorable tour and rider. Find them on Facebook

Check out their fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor. I give the tour 5 stars!

My suggestion if you want to learn about the Colonial City. First read up on the sights and monuments to get a little background of the stories and history. When you arrive in the original colony of Santo Domingo visit The Colonial Gate 4D Cinema. After that experience then go next door and take the Trikke Colonial Tour to get a basic overview and introduction to the area and learn the history first hand. Then take a walk and visit the places that interest you most. Check out the museums, gift shops, restaurants and cafes at your leisure. That’s how I would do a tour if the Zone if I had never been here before. And of course, if you want to see MY Colonial Zone I can take you on a slow walking Dominican Culture Tour after you take your ride.

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