Salon Dousing

They are still working on the street in front of my apartment for the
Renovada Ciudad Colonial project. They are tearing up the bricks on the first part of the street they started working on over a year ago. The bricks were inferior so they are taking them away and adding new and improved bricks.

When will this work ever end?

Renovada Ciudad Colonial Calle Isabel la Católica and Padre Billini. Redoing the brick work.

Renovada Ciudad Colonial Calle Isabel la Católica and Padre Billini. Redoing the brick work.

They started using the incredibly annoying, obnoxious, loud, brain wrenching jack hammer early in the morning. I could not take the noise any longer so decided to go to the salon and get a much needed hair cut. I go to the Salon on Luperon once and then my neighbors salon the next time. This was the Luperon Salon visits turn.

I do love the hair washing lady there. She really massages the scalp a nice long time. feels sooo good.

My regular girl was not there so I let a different girl do my cut. I was in the chair and she was cutting away. I could tell she was not really familiar with cutting extremely short hair but I let her go. I figure how bad could she mess up? It will grow back in a month or so so no big deal. She did not do too bad, not as good as my normal girl but ok.

Anyhow, she was chopping away at my locks. I was sitting in the chair next to the patio door. All of a sudden there was a loud boom. First thing I thought was a bomb or earthquake. The patio door burst open and water sprayed in!

A water pipe burst.

It was strong enough to push open the door and spray the inside of the salon. Not only did my hair get washed in the salon but I got my jeans and tennis washed as well! My left side was soaked and so was the girl cutting my hair!

I was so thankful she was not cutting next to my ear when it happened. Imaging the consequences if that happened.

Anyhow, I got up and trod through the water puddling on the floor as did the other 3 clients and their beauticians. We moved to some different seats further inside the salon.

The owner and her son started sweeping and mopping. We laughed a bit and settled into the new chairs to continue with our beauty treatments.

The visit was over, wet pants shoes and all. My hair was cut, not my favorite cut but it was good.

Returned home to the jack hammer for a few hours more.

Always something interesting happening here in DR.

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