Maybe Chikungunya and I Fell Down

I am feeling better today. I had a sickness that came on me Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday morning I thought I was going to die. I am not sure if it is just the plain ole gripe (flu) or if it is that new virus Chichimigiunguangan…jejej.

Really the correct spelling is Chikungunya, a viral disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes. Its a crazy name that came about when the virus was first discovered in Central/East Africa in the Makonde Plateau, a border area between Mozambique and Tanzania. The name chikungunya comes from the Makonde (the language spoken by the Makonde, an ethnic group in southeast Tanzania and northern Mozambique) word meaning “that which bends up” because of the stooped posture developed as a result of the arthritic symptoms of the disease. In Swahili this means “the illness of the bended walker”. More information at chikungunya virus net

Ok, we are done with the lesson now back to my story.

I have to take Teli out for the morning walk. Buenagente can go out on his own since he is a street dog but I have to walk Teli. If I don’t then I feel guilty as she stands and gazes out the window.

Teli and Buenagente looking out the window

Teli and Buenagente looking out the window

I got up moaning and got dressed to take the kids out. I told them we would only be walking around the block today because my body was so sore still. I have problems with the Achilles tendons all the time but today they are extremely sore.

We got out the door, walking in semi-pain. About a half block away as I was picking up a little momentum down I went! I fell down. The legs just gave way and I went down. Not straight down but it was like I sliding into 1st base!

My first thought was did I tear my pants, I do not want to be down another pair of walking pants. 2nd thought was to see if anyone saw me to let them know I was ok. Last time I fell, I am a frequent faller (too bad they do not give frequent faller, about 4 people came running all trying to help me up and seeing if I was OK. I wanted to stop the onslaught before it happened. Nip it in the bud. But no one was out, thank goodness. 3rd thing was to get up on my knees and check to make sure all my body parts were attached and functioning. All 3 first steps – check!

When I started to get up is when I felt an owie. The heels of my hands were scraped, my left fore arm had a nice, or not nice, scrape. Both of my knees were a bit torn up. There was a little blood on the hand and knee but other than that I was ok. I did not check much because I had to finish the dog walk and if I checked all over and found something nasty then I could not finish the walk because I would become squeamish. I am not the best when it comes to a big boo-boo or blood. So we continued the walk around the block.

The kids played a little bit while I sat and watched. I so wanted to look at my booboos but I just brushed the street off my pants and forced myself to wait to check on my owies.

Teli sneaking in for the attack on Buenagente at the Fortaleza Ozama

Teli sneaking in for the attack on Buenagente at the Fortaleza Ozama

When the kids were done with their romp we headed home. I had to take a few pictures of the sky just in case I die from my injuries I had to have one more sky picture to share with the!

Sun rise at Parque Rosado (Plaza Pellerano Castro)  and the bust of Julia de Burgos

Sun rise at Parque Rosado (Plaza Pellerano Castro) and the bust of Julia de Burgos

We made it home. Climbing the stairs to the 3rd floor was a little difficult as my joints hurt, my achilles tendons were throbbing and now my knee boo-boos are rubbing on my pants and starting to ache a bit.

I got the kids settled in with their food and water. Now it was time for me to check out my injuries.

Both knees are a bit tore up. One heal on my hand has blood and a few little remnants of the street embedded in the flesh. The other hand heal is just bruised. My forearm to my elbow had a big scrape. My chin has a little mark on it so I guess I hit that also. I do not have any bone breaks. I am alive with no missing parts. I am sure that by tomorrow evening or Sunday I am going to be really sore.

Anytime I fall or hurt myself it takes a day or 2 for the joint and muscle pain to really set in.

Fall down boo-boos.

Fall down boo-boos.

You can see my arm and 1 knee booboos here. I survived for another day of bumps and bruises. Life is good even if I have Gripe, Chichimunguangamana or bumps and bruises!

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