Noseeum Attack is Back!

They got me again and they keep getting me. Those pesky little midges, punkys, noseeums, mayes, I also use other names that I will not write here. But whatever you want to call them they can hardly be seen and they are back to bother all who have red blood flowing through their veins.

I could not figure out where they were because would have no bite then while sitting at my puter working I would have a little itch on my leg or ankle. Not thinking I would give it a scratch. Then soon I realized that it was more than a scratch. It was a Madge bite.

I thought they were in the house. I sprayed and burnt the smelly green coil repellent but the next day I had more bites. And the next day I would get another bite.

I checked on line and it says that the itchy red spot usually shows up a few hours after the attack. Ahh, the light came on. I was probably getting bit taking Teli out to the beach and the park for her AM walks. Then the bites would appear in all their blotchy red, itchy, hole in the middle glory later.

midge noseeum punkie bites

Teli looking very concerned checking my nasty red midge bites

The punkies, great name for these bad punks, even attacked my tattoo. You can even see bites on poor little Michigan J. Frog dancing across my ankle. I bet he would be scratching if he was able just like I am.

I try not to itch. I put Tee Tree Oil on them and that helps a little bit. I took an antihistamine and had to take a nap soon after. So I guess I just have to be tortured.

The itch it CRAZY! It hurts and burns as well. Then the little entry hole gets a little dried puss. I guess its puss or the juice left behind when this creature stuck its little sucking protrudance apparatus into my soft flesh entering my blood flow and taking out my living essences so she can have more blood sucking babies.

These red spots really show on my white flesh. The darker flesh of the Dominicans hide the color a bit but on my legs they are like bright red headlights. They tell the world that I was just to Dumb! Stupid! Dumb! to remember to put protection on my legs.

So I will really try and remember to put spray on my legs before heading out in the morning hours. I will, in the meantime, deal with these damn nuisance incredibly itchy spots that are driving me CRAZY! AARRRGGGHHHH!!!

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