Bertha Sneaking on the Bed

I have been letting one of the sweetest street dogs in the house in the day so she can rest and relax a bit. I call her Bertha and the Animal Rescue place in the Colonial Zone, PADELA, calls her Maria. So we all call her Berhta-Maria.

She is such a sweety and the people in the Zone love her. I even found out that my neighbors take food to her in the park in the evening. No wonder she is so fat.

She now comes to my door and waits for me to let her in.

Bertha waiting to come in

Bertha waiting to come in

I don’t know where she sleeps at night but she is welcome to come here and sleep during the day when I am home.

She usually lays on the floor and sleeps. Teli very bossy. She does not mind Bertha laying on the floor but she does not like Bertha walking around much.

Well, today they were playing a bit in the bedroom while I was working in the living room. All was quiet so I went in to check on them. Teli was in her spot under the table next to the bed (you can see Teli watching from under the table) and Bertha was on the bed eating one of Telis bones (Teli has a bone collection)!

Bertha snuck on the bed eating Telis bone while Teli peeked from her sleeping spot.

Bertha snuck on the bed eating Telis bone while Teli peeked from her sleeping spot.

Bertha did get a bath and is clean but when she eats bones she is a messy eater. She slobbers and there was a big wet spot. Teli eats her bones nice and dry.

I do not want Bertha on the bed and especially eating a bone all wet-like on the bed. I had to drag her off the bed. Then Teli came over and told Bertha something (if only I understood dog). Now Bertha is in her place on the floor sleeping sound. I guess whatever Teli had to say reminded Bertha that she was the boss.

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