View Out The Window Today 5-18-2013

At least a few times a day Teli beckons me to get off my butt at the computer. She wants me to stop working and look out the window with her. She stands at her perch and stares at me until I get up and go to the window with her. We sit there and see what is going on in the neighborhood. This is what we saw today.

Shoeshine Boy, Money Changers and the ChuChu

Shoeshine Boy, Money Changers and the ChuChu

This is a normal day in the Colonial Zone. The money changer guys are rubbing their index finger and thumb together at all passing vehicles hoping to find someone who has money to exchange for pesos.

The neighbor kid is out on most Saturdays shining shoes to get his own spending money for the week. He goes to school on the weekdays. If he is in the mood he goes out on the weekends to make a little extra cash. A little entrepreneur. His family does not let him out to work on school days.

The man that owns the gift shop across the street is getting a shoe shine while greeting a friend walking by.

The ChuChu Colon is passing by with its speakers on telling our history to the tourists in their own language. The train conductors helper gets out at every crossing to make sure the coast is clear for the train to enter the intersection.

There are some beat-up road blocks on the corner ready for who knows what reason.

A typical afternoon in my beloved Colonial City.

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