Bad Bra Employee

I went out to pay my bills and do some much needed shopping. I hate to go out and leave my baby Teli at home so I make all the stuff I need to do happen at once to get it over with. Also, I so hate shopping. Always have and always will. I walk into a store and my brain turns to mush. I cannot remember what I wanted. I always have a list but still it doesn’t help much.

I went into a store, I will not mention the name, to get hair dye and soap. I figured I would see if they had any bras in my size that were inexpensive. They will not let you try on the bras any more in this particular store (which I understand why now) so you have to stand there and try it over your clothes.

The girl came to help me. I found one I liked than saw that the price was way more than I wanted to spend so I told the girl thanks but I did not want to buy it. She went on to ask me how much money I did want to spend. I told her and she told me to wait. She came back and the little security thingy on the item was gone. She told me to go into the dressing room and put it on and I could just pay her the money that I wanted to spend. I could not believe it.

She was telling me to put the bra on, give her the money and for me to walk out of the store with me wearing it! She wanted me to steal the bra and give her money to do it.

I kept telling her no. She held my arm and told me it was OK. So I figured I would ask her if I could pay her with a debit card, which I knew I couldn’t. She told me I had to give her cash. I told her I did not have any cash, which I did. She said told me to go to the cash machine in the store and get the cash. I told her my card was from USA and it would not work in that machine, which it does work in that machine.

I just wanted to get out of there. I was not going to steel a bra. I was not going to pay her for the bra when it did not belong to her. I was not going to go to jail for steeling a $20USD bra. Then I thought that I should tell the managers what she was doing. But I didn’t. I just went on to the next store to buy my food all the while thinking about girl almost forcing me to take that bra.

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