Janette not Jamette

I was checking my web sites (http://www.colonialzone-dr.com) stats this morning like I do every morning. I saw people were visiting my web site while doing a search for “JAMETTE CARNIVAL”. Since I have many posts about Carnival here in Dominican Republic and my name is Janette seems that they came to my blog.

So I decided to check and see what this Jamette was being so close to my name.

Here is a quote from a web site www.2nails.gov.tt in Trinidad Tobago where they celebrate this Carnival.

“The “Jamettes” occupied the barrack yards of East Port of Spain. They were the stickfighters, prostitutes, chantuelles, matadors and dustmen. They lived in appalling conditions in areas which were rife with all the conditions for social instability: crime, vagrancy, disease, prostitution, unemployment, sexual permissiveness and dysfunctional families.”

All I can say is thank you sooo much mom and dad for not naming me Jamette! Wiping the sweat off my brow saying a big sscheewww. lol.

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