The Bridge in Ocoa Before and After

Hurricane Isaac has visited out island in the Caribbean. Haiti and Dominican Republic both have had damage.

Listin Diario posted this picture of the bridge in San Jose de Ocoa showing it has been destroyed by the floods after the storm passed.

I have a picture of the same bridge when I visit there last year October 2011. There was very little water in the river. There was even a cw taking a stroll in the almost dry river bed.

Check this picture out. You can click on the image to get the full picture to open. Its incredible. So sad for the people in the area. It is the only bridge connecting San Jose de Ocoa, Sabana Larga and Rancho Arriba. I hope they get all repaired soon.

Bridge at San Jose de Ocoa before and after Hurricane Isaac

Read the entire story at Listin Diario – Ocoa también incomunicada por desbordamiento ríos – in Spanish

For more information about the beautiful tranquil towns of San Jose de Ocoa and Rancho Arriba.

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