Political Campaign Noise

The Presidential Elections are in one more week here in Dominican Republic. All will return to their home town, where they are registered, and get their black inked finger. Place your vote and get inked. Then all know that you voted.

All the different political parties are out in full force this week. They play deafening music as they set up their posts in the parks, plazas and street corners. People waving their flags, yelling, dancing and showing their support for their chosen candidate.

They drive around with large trucks loaded down with speakers. Not just a few speakers but the truck beds are filled with giant speakers playing as loud as they possible are able. No important if people and babies are sleeping, resting comfortably in their homes, or hanging out on the street. The speakers are no respecter of persons. It is so loud that I cannot hear the tv in my own home. Teli, the dog, runs for cover. My windows have vibrated a few times. I cannot believe how loud these speakers are.

Here are a few videos I took out my window.

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